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   Funeral Home Locations in Miami Dade, Broward & The Palm Beaches in South Florida
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In our Funeral Homes located in Miami, Broward and Palm Beach, Florida, we offer all the services and merchandise for less than any other funeral home in Miami, please call us for details.

 Our promise is that our merchandise, services and cemetery spaces prices will be less than any other funeral home (same services and merchandise) in the Miami area or you can count on receiving the services free, gratis, for nothing. Please call us now 24/7 for details.

The reason we can make this brave offer is because we are a funeral home privately owned, and we can customize services to suit your pocket. We will not turn away a family because of prices. We will always find a way to deliver funeral services, and merchandise, to a family in need, at a price they can afford. 
We Are The Preferred Funeral Homes Because:

- We offer the lowest price in services and products

- We can transport human remains to any part of the world, including CUBA

- We can coordinate funeral services anywhere in any city, any state, any country.

Our administration is efficient, professional, and dignified to mourners when it comes to listening, comforting, and providing very low-cost service to grieving families. The owner of this company is always available for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without fail, just call for him. We answer our phones LIVE, 24/7. 

$295 Direct Cremation Process
done locally
$500 Cremation and Removal Miami-Dade County Broward County $100 Extra

$845 Direct Cremation with Memorial Service

$1,495 Cremation with Viewing Service (3 hours)
Urn included & Rental Casket Included
$1,795 Any Three Hour Visitation with Burial at Cementery

$1,600 One Price Shipping plus air fare To Latin American & Caribbean Countries
American Made Metal Sealer Casket included

$1,395 Funeral Service with casket
Same Day Visitation OR Graveside Service with AMERICAN MADE CASKET

Cemetery Spaces to ALL South Florida Cemeteries 33% off Listed Cementery Prices
                                     Mausoleums and Ground available

                            Thank You for looking in on us.
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or call us NOW to the following numbers to deliver for you 24/7 in all Miami Areas
Ph: (305)910-4166 | (305)260-4404

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All Miami Dade PH:

Funeral Home Locations in Miami Dade, Broward & The Palm Beaches in South Florida.
If the price is not less, the funeral home Services are FREE, call now 24/7 for details.
Si el precio no es menor, Los servicios de la funeraria  son gratis, llamenos ahora 24/7 para darle detalles.

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